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Magazine contains a range of topics and pieces such as stories, articles or poems to capture the interest of readers of all ages in a format that is fun, colorful and appealing.

Standard Specifications:
SIZE: 8.5 x 11
INK: 4/4 (full color)
PAPER COVER : From C2S #120 to C2S #220
PAPER CONTENT: From Book #40 to Book #80

Different Additional Effects on the Cover:
1. Plastic lamination – with high shine for dramatic color presentation
2. U.V. lamination – with shine, but not long lasting compared to Plastic lamination
3. Matte lamination – gives a soft cover finish, glare-free look
4. Matte lamination with 3D lamination –soft finish, glare-free look but with raised shiny portion

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Magazine (5)
Magazine (4)
Magazine (3)

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