Luminaire Printing & Publishing Corp


Founded in 1978, Luminaire Printing & Publishing Corporation (LPPC from hereon) is a Philippine-based company that specializes on offset and digital printing. They are one of the first companies to pioneer the free online printing quotation system in the Philippines. Through the use of the quotation system, we are able to provide our clients the budget-friendly prices for their printing requirements within a reasonable time-span.

To maintain the excellent quality of our print outputs, we utilize one of the world’s best German printing machine via Heidelberg. In addition to our printer machines, we are able to deliver razor-sharp high-resolution images thru the use of our Versafire.

To this day, thru our numerous positive feedback from our Facebook reviews, LPPC has exceeded the expectations of their clients by being the print service provider that they can rely on. Look no further for your printing needs, LPPC is the better printer that you deserve!


We aim to provide our clients personalized services to cater to their individual requirements. Our team of friendly customer sales executives ensure that every job goes through the best production system to enable our clients to attain their highly selective requirements.


We strive to become the most reliable commercial printer, producing a wide range of top- quality printed materials. We aim to provide our customers with printed products that are the result of conscious efforts by paying attention to details and doing things right the first time.



Offset printing is the process of transferring inked images from metal plates to a rubber blanket, which is then imprinted upon the printing surface. The method is called offset because the ink is not directly transferred onto the paper. This type of printing is best when larger quantities are needed, and gives greater color accuracy, precision and overall quality.


Digital Printing is ideal for low volume jobs with short turnarounds, and we are able to provide detailed samples of the job quickly and efficiently during the proofing stage. The project’s text, images and colors can also be customized during the print run with ease.

Company Outputs

At LPPC, we believe that we are the better printer you deserve, which is why we constantly strive to produce the best quality in our work, no matter how big or small. Below are some of the items we usually produce:

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